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I finally learned to crochet this winter. I'd been knitting for years and could not wrap my head around that lonely hook to save my life. Then one day it all clicked so I began hunting all over Ravelry and stumbled upon Attic24. Holy crap this girl is good. And every photo is just beautiful! If you are finding yourself with a crochet love (or Addiction or OBSESSION! lol) and you haven't seen her site ,you must. And if you've seen it before - you should see them again because it's just that amazing.
Free Patterns
Vibrant Pictures
Crochet Love :)

When I finally finish my first granny blanket (just joined the first 4 large squares using her joining technique) I will be using her Granny Blanket Edging.
Lucy's joining technique uses slipped stitches to join on the wrong side. I love the end result - here is a picture of 20 squares I've joined:
So right now I have a strip of 4 9x9 inch squares and I can't wait for it to grow :) Since it's my first blanket, I didn't break the bank on yarn. I used an acrylic yarn called Loops & Threads - Impeccable Solids. It's a brand made by Michael's and is available in a ton of colors. The colors I've used in my blanket are:
Soft Rose


Garden 2012 in Central Nova Scotia

It's on my mind. I love gardening. This year will be a bit different. Our backyard is very small (we are on the  first floor of our apartment building so it's not really a yard...) but it's my oasis in the summer. Over the last couple of months there had been flooding in other apartments, and eventually ours. As a result they cut down about a dozen trees, and dug up any grass behind the building to put in a new drainage solution. I have my fingers crossed that they are planning to at least lay sod in the spring because right now it's just... depressing.

However, my patio is concrete so that didn't get torn up :)

Last year we had:
  • tomatoes 
  • potatoes 
  • carrots 
  • bell pepper
  • onions 
  • herbs
  • numerous flowers, and I think that's it.
This year I want:
  • potatoes - we had a huge success growing potatoes in containers
  • carrots - we had another huge success growing carrots in containers
  • spinach
  • brussels sprouts
  • radish
  • cucumber
  • beets
  • herbs - this year I'll get it right, compact planting, not sprawling huge all over the place
  • sunflowers -they grew from our bird feeder seeds! Since we are ground level these are great for adding privacy
  • flowers - lots! but less than last year - more veggies!!
and if possible I kinda want:
  • broccoli
  • spaghetti squash
  • asparagus not recommended for containers
  • strawberries or raspberries

I'm not doing tomatoes again until I can plant in the ground. I don't know why the plant that most people find easy, I find impossible. Well I can get it to grow like a weed, but the actual tomatoes are not edible. I think I wind up giving them not enough water, or too much water. Either way they just end up being a headache.
We had great success with the carrots and potatoes. I bought 19 gallon pots from Superstore, drilled holes in the bottoms and they worked perfectly. I had a hard time leaving the carrots in the ground :) I think I will have 2 pots of carrots this year and 1 pot of potatoes. I planted 3 seed potatoes and had baby potatoes all summer! I looooove baby potatoes. the only time I buy large potatoes is when I make microwave potato chips. I hope to find and have success with strawberries this year. I would prefer raspberries but I don't think we have the room - but I will look into it ;)

I've got my Pinterest board I want to Grow These in full swing with lots of great ideas from all over the place.

My Initial Plan:
I put about 20 minutes into this so I'm sure it will be revised before spring.

Stay Tuned...


Finishing Touches

Just one of many to come. Boyfriend went away for the day on business, so I took a vacation day just for me - yahoo! :) The new floors in the apartment are so beautiful, but the crappy quarter round that the contractors put in was poorly installed, and very scuffed. Today I laid painters tape, used PolyFilla on the nail holes (because they did not !! ) and painted to match. It looks so lovely and it only cost 22$
wide band painters tape
PolyFilla Instant (dries super fast)
White Latex Semi-Gloss paint
small sponge brush

First Photo:
Just the tape - Seriously, who does work like this? Luckily we didn't have to pay for this work since we are renting, believe me they wouldn't have gotten out the front door if I were paying the bill.

Second Photo:
Just the PolyFilla - even just the cracks and nail holes filled made a big difference 
Third Photo:
All finished! It looks so much better. This quarter round is throughout our living room and hallways. It may seem like a big job for a small difference, but start to finish it took about 2 hours (that includes all the drying time for PolyFilla AND the paint) and I love it. 

More finishing touches to come
stay tuned...


Diet 2012

Boyfriend and I are making a serious commitment to lose weight this year. The app I mentioned before for My Fitness Pal is a great help. There are SO many recipes online I love it.
Highlights of this week were:
Banana Ice Cream

The recipe can be found at Use Real Butter


Microwave Potato Chips:

The recipe can be found at Fat Free Vegan

so far I've lost 5lbs! 3 of those pounds were gained over Christmas - whoops! Hopefully this will carry on throughout the new year!
Stay Tuned....

P.S. I read about growing green onions from the ends you chop off before eating. Considering all I did was add water, and it's JANUARY in Nova Scotia I'm really impressed. I'll update every couple days. Here's the progress:
January 8th

 January 11th

January 15th

January 20th

January 25th


Apartment Overhaul

I guess you could say the flood was a bit of a blessing. Aside from new floors, we threw out a lot of things we didn't need to keep. It has also motivated us to maintain our clutter free apartment. Bags and bags of stuff to donate, used small appliances, the list goes on. I've been checking out a lot of home organizing sites thanks to Pinterest. We've got a couple new-to-us binder systems, and some new shelving. A Monday-Friday chore list adapted from My 3 Monsters' beautiful list to suit our home (child-free), ours doesn't look as good, just black text, white paper, cute font though.. Anyways. I'm going to get some things in order then I'll show you!
Stay tuned...


30 before 30

ok ok I am certainly not the first to think of this idea - but it came to me while perusing Pinterest tonight :)
I'm about to turn 28, my Champagne birthday no less. There has been lots of talk around the house of what we should do - boyfriend wants to make a big deal out of it, and I think I'd rather have a nice road trip in the summer than make a fuss in January.
30 before 30
Can I even come up with 30 things that are unattainable enough to be a milestone, while still being possibly within my reach?
What qualifies something to be on this list?
Well, I'll jump right in with some goals, and update as I go.
The first date is the day I've added it to the list, IF there is a second date, it's the completed date.
cross your fingers ;)

1)Lose 20 lbs (January 3rd, 2012 -
2)Learn to Run (January 3rd, 2012 -
3)Get Married... well I'm gonna say Engaged. (January 3rd, 2012 -
4)Pay off minimum 20% or student loan (January 3rd, 2012 -
5)Learn another Language (January 3rd, 2012 -
6)Get my drivers License (I know I know, laugh it up!) (January 3rd, 2012 -

stay tuned...