Almost the End of 2011

and as good as a year it has been, I can't wait to start 2012!! My big accomplishment of 2011 was my career switch - leaving financial services to begin clerical/registration work in healthcare.  I really needed the change! Hopefully greater things will come from that seed in 2012. Also boyfriend and I are dieting again. Which we try every New Year, as well as multiple times throughout the year! It hasn't really stuck yet.. but for me at least, this has to be the year. I think boyfriend looks fantastic - no really, I doubt he'll ever read this so I'm being  honest! I don't think he needs to lose one pound, however I know how he feels, to not be comfortable in your own skin. I was happy with my appearance for most of my life, and about 3 years ago I quit smoking - BAM - hello extra 40lbs... Keep in mind the financial services/clerical jobs... I am not an active person. 'Lazy' is the word that comes to mind actually! Time for change! My weight loss ticker is at the bottom of this blog. Boyfriend and I use www.MyFitnessPal.com and love it, my brother-in-law who has more willpower also uses it and has lots 50 pounds! they have an app for iphone, and android (probably BB as well, not sure) and a great website. Love it - check it out.
We survived the flood! Didn't have to claim anything with our insurance, but we did throw out a lot of things. I lost a lot of shoes :( But I hadn't worn them in ages so I said - for the greater good! - and threw them all out. All the damaged ones anyways!  We cleared out a lot of clutter. When I moved in with boyfriend we had a lot of duplicate things that we just never tossed/donated.
They installed all new floors throughout the apartment and they are beautiful. I am so happy and am now open to staying here for a few more years instead of actively looking for a new home for boyfriend and I. We were in the hotel a total of 5 days 4 nights, and the novelty wore off after the first 3 hours. Brutal! Luckily it was a very very nice hotel, and the rental property paid for all of it!
We are going to a New Years party tomorrow evening. First time I've done anything for the new year in a long time - here's hoping we ring it in right!
All the best for 2012 to anyone reading this!! :)


Ummm Flood?

So yesterday boyfriend and I awoke at 6am to find our apartment had flooded!! We are on the ground level of our building, 3 other units flooded as well. We were very lucky though, no major losses. Also our landlord has put us up in a nice hotel until all the flooring can be replaced. So goodbye shitty carpet, and hello all new wood floors! Silver lining I guess! I added a picture of the new wood floors that are going in, as well as 2 flooded pictures. We are in the hotel until at least Monday.


So many Christmas crochet projects in the last 24 hours

I love to knit. For years I wanted to learn crochet, but every time I picked up a hook, my left hand didn't know what to do and I ended up with knots. Finally I decided I was going to take an evening and just learn it.
And now I'm addicted.
It is so much faster! and more forgiving. It doesn't give that heirloom polished look that you can get from knitting, but yesterday I decided I wanted 16 ornaments to go in some Christmas Cards and you know what? Today 9 of them are done. Knitting would have been 1 per day - max.
They are all wonderful free patterns that I found through a quick search on Ravelry. I also found a small "potted cactus" pattern that I made for Boyfriend. He mentioned once that he wanted a cactus for his work desk, this one will never wilt.

Ok here is some pictures and links, for great free holiday ornaments made from crochet... and one cactus :)

Christmas Ball Ornament (in the original pattern it's a bookmark)

 Christmas Candy Ornament

Super Easy Christmas Star Ornament

Granny Square Star Ornament

Tiny Mitten Ornament

Super Stars Ornaments

Christmas Wreath Ornaments 

And one Cactus...


Yesterday I joined the IUDiva-hood

After more than 10 years of hating the pill, the patch and the ring (although the ring was my favorite of the 3) I finally did some research and decided to go with an IUD. My Options were The Flexi-T 300, or the seemingly more popular Merina.

The Flexi-T 300 it a copper IUD that contains no hormones costing 80$. It can make periods slightly longer, and have heavier cramps
The Merina is a hormonal IUD costing about 380$. It can make periods lighter to non-existant
They both last about 5 years.

I chose the Flexi-T 300 because I think a non hormonal approach to birth control is the right option for me. I found that on other hormonal methods, it squashed my sex drive, enhanced mood swings, and can possibly be a reason for the weight gain I have had over the last few years. I made this decision knowing that my period may become heavier although right now it's a 3 day weekend at the longest, so an extra day isn't horrible.

I had my first appointment to discuss with an RN, and the Doctor who would be doing the insertion. We discussed what would happen, and any medical history that they should know about.

I read some stories online to prepare myself. I am very nervous at the thought of any medical work.
I had myself pretty worked up about the though of the pain, and some blood... But it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
I was prescribed Misoprostol to soften my cervix, making it easier to open. I took 2x200 mg pills at 5am on the day of my appointment. The appointment was at 2pm. It caused lots of cramps, but nothing out of the normal from a regular period.
You lie on the table with your feet in the stirrups, just like a pap. The Dr inserted the speculum and cleaned my uterus. There was a grabby instrument that I think is called a tenaculum. It is used to keep your cervix still. That was the most painful part of the whole procedure, but over all very manageable. The Dr then measured the depth of my uterus, then used that measurement to insert the IUD. She removed the tenaculum, cleaned again, and removed the speculum. All done! The whole thing too about 15-20 minutes, but would have been much shorter had I not been so nervous, the Doctor had to talk me through the whole thing :P
I laid down for a few, then sat up for a few, got dressed and was done.
When we got home I curled up on the couch and slept for about 4 hours. The only side effects I've had are some cramps afterwards on the day of (yesterday) and very very light cramps today.

I think this a great step in my life - I can't wait to see if it helps with my mood, and the fact that i cannot lose weight no matter how hard I try. I'll keep you posted on any side effects that come up in the future.

These are some of the stories I read before heading in: