Almost the End of 2011

and as good as a year it has been, I can't wait to start 2012!! My big accomplishment of 2011 was my career switch - leaving financial services to begin clerical/registration work in healthcare.  I really needed the change! Hopefully greater things will come from that seed in 2012. Also boyfriend and I are dieting again. Which we try every New Year, as well as multiple times throughout the year! It hasn't really stuck yet.. but for me at least, this has to be the year. I think boyfriend looks fantastic - no really, I doubt he'll ever read this so I'm being  honest! I don't think he needs to lose one pound, however I know how he feels, to not be comfortable in your own skin. I was happy with my appearance for most of my life, and about 3 years ago I quit smoking - BAM - hello extra 40lbs... Keep in mind the financial services/clerical jobs... I am not an active person. 'Lazy' is the word that comes to mind actually! Time for change! My weight loss ticker is at the bottom of this blog. Boyfriend and I use www.MyFitnessPal.com and love it, my brother-in-law who has more willpower also uses it and has lots 50 pounds! they have an app for iphone, and android (probably BB as well, not sure) and a great website. Love it - check it out.
We survived the flood! Didn't have to claim anything with our insurance, but we did throw out a lot of things. I lost a lot of shoes :( But I hadn't worn them in ages so I said - for the greater good! - and threw them all out. All the damaged ones anyways!  We cleared out a lot of clutter. When I moved in with boyfriend we had a lot of duplicate things that we just never tossed/donated.
They installed all new floors throughout the apartment and they are beautiful. I am so happy and am now open to staying here for a few more years instead of actively looking for a new home for boyfriend and I. We were in the hotel a total of 5 days 4 nights, and the novelty wore off after the first 3 hours. Brutal! Luckily it was a very very nice hotel, and the rental property paid for all of it!
We are going to a New Years party tomorrow evening. First time I've done anything for the new year in a long time - here's hoping we ring it in right!
All the best for 2012 to anyone reading this!! :)