So many Christmas crochet projects in the last 24 hours

I love to knit. For years I wanted to learn crochet, but every time I picked up a hook, my left hand didn't know what to do and I ended up with knots. Finally I decided I was going to take an evening and just learn it.
And now I'm addicted.
It is so much faster! and more forgiving. It doesn't give that heirloom polished look that you can get from knitting, but yesterday I decided I wanted 16 ornaments to go in some Christmas Cards and you know what? Today 9 of them are done. Knitting would have been 1 per day - max.
They are all wonderful free patterns that I found through a quick search on Ravelry. I also found a small "potted cactus" pattern that I made for Boyfriend. He mentioned once that he wanted a cactus for his work desk, this one will never wilt.

Ok here is some pictures and links, for great free holiday ornaments made from crochet... and one cactus :)

Christmas Ball Ornament (in the original pattern it's a bookmark)

 Christmas Candy Ornament

Super Easy Christmas Star Ornament

Granny Square Star Ornament

Tiny Mitten Ornament

Super Stars Ornaments

Christmas Wreath Ornaments 

And one Cactus...