30 before 30

ok ok I am certainly not the first to think of this idea - but it came to me while perusing Pinterest tonight :)
I'm about to turn 28, my Champagne birthday no less. There has been lots of talk around the house of what we should do - boyfriend wants to make a big deal out of it, and I think I'd rather have a nice road trip in the summer than make a fuss in January.
30 before 30
Can I even come up with 30 things that are unattainable enough to be a milestone, while still being possibly within my reach?
What qualifies something to be on this list?
Well, I'll jump right in with some goals, and update as I go.
The first date is the day I've added it to the list, IF there is a second date, it's the completed date.
cross your fingers ;)

1)Lose 20 lbs (January 3rd, 2012 -
2)Learn to Run (January 3rd, 2012 -
3)Get Married... well I'm gonna say Engaged. (January 3rd, 2012 -
4)Pay off minimum 20% or student loan (January 3rd, 2012 -
5)Learn another Language (January 3rd, 2012 -
6)Get my drivers License (I know I know, laugh it up!) (January 3rd, 2012 -

stay tuned...