I finally learned to crochet this winter. I'd been knitting for years and could not wrap my head around that lonely hook to save my life. Then one day it all clicked so I began hunting all over Ravelry and stumbled upon Attic24. Holy crap this girl is good. And every photo is just beautiful! If you are finding yourself with a crochet love (or Addiction or OBSESSION! lol) and you haven't seen her site ,you must. And if you've seen it before - you should see them again because it's just that amazing.
Free Patterns
Vibrant Pictures
Crochet Love :)

When I finally finish my first granny blanket (just joined the first 4 large squares using her joining technique) I will be using her Granny Blanket Edging.
Lucy's joining technique uses slipped stitches to join on the wrong side. I love the end result - here is a picture of 20 squares I've joined:
So right now I have a strip of 4 9x9 inch squares and I can't wait for it to grow :) Since it's my first blanket, I didn't break the bank on yarn. I used an acrylic yarn called Loops & Threads - Impeccable Solids. It's a brand made by Michael's and is available in a ton of colors. The colors I've used in my blanket are:
Soft Rose