Diet 2012

Boyfriend and I are making a serious commitment to lose weight this year. The app I mentioned before for My Fitness Pal is a great help. There are SO many recipes online I love it.
Highlights of this week were:
Banana Ice Cream

The recipe can be found at Use Real Butter


Microwave Potato Chips:

The recipe can be found at Fat Free Vegan

so far I've lost 5lbs! 3 of those pounds were gained over Christmas - whoops! Hopefully this will carry on throughout the new year!
Stay Tuned....

P.S. I read about growing green onions from the ends you chop off before eating. Considering all I did was add water, and it's JANUARY in Nova Scotia I'm really impressed. I'll update every couple days. Here's the progress:
January 8th

 January 11th

January 15th

January 20th

January 25th