Finishing Touches

Just one of many to come. Boyfriend went away for the day on business, so I took a vacation day just for me - yahoo! :) The new floors in the apartment are so beautiful, but the crappy quarter round that the contractors put in was poorly installed, and very scuffed. Today I laid painters tape, used PolyFilla on the nail holes (because they did not !! ) and painted to match. It looks so lovely and it only cost 22$
wide band painters tape
PolyFilla Instant (dries super fast)
White Latex Semi-Gloss paint
small sponge brush

First Photo:
Just the tape - Seriously, who does work like this? Luckily we didn't have to pay for this work since we are renting, believe me they wouldn't have gotten out the front door if I were paying the bill.

Second Photo:
Just the PolyFilla - even just the cracks and nail holes filled made a big difference 
Third Photo:
All finished! It looks so much better. This quarter round is throughout our living room and hallways. It may seem like a big job for a small difference, but start to finish it took about 2 hours (that includes all the drying time for PolyFilla AND the paint) and I love it. 

More finishing touches to come
stay tuned...